January 1, 2015

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Happy New Year! –
5 years done, 5 to go in the decade that still hasn’t earn’t a name. Onesies, Deccies, Tennies – what will it be?

2014 was The Year Of… –
The Selfie. The ultimate one was, of course, by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars [see March 13th 2014]
Photo: Ellen Degeneres - public domain

2015 will be…? –
2015 was year in which the film Back to the Future was set, so expect hoverboards and DeLorean cars to be big this year. October 21st is the magical day.

Very fast wedding –
Formula 1 driver Jenson Benson, who has retained his seat for McLaren in 2015 tweeted that he has married his partner of 7 years, lingerie model, Jessica Michibata in Hawaii.
Jenson Button bahrain 2012

Captain Fantastic –
Steven Gerrard captain of Liverpool FC announces he is leaving the club to play overseas at the end of the English Premier League season. Gerrard who is 34 made his debut for the club in 1998 is likely to go to MLS club LA Galaxy.
Steven Gerrard in 2014

Rouble to Euro –
Lithuania becomes the nineteenth state to join the Euro and in doing so gets its fourth currency in 25 years – after the Soviet rouble, the talonas and the litas.

Video of the Day –

Show me your Hoverboard from Jørgen Håland on Vimeo.


June 24, 2015

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Canada helicopter sex chat heard by Winnipeg public –
Canadian police have apologised after an explicit conversation was inadvertently broadcast from one of its helicopters. Whilst on patrol over Winnipeg, the chopper’s crew accidentally turned on its loudspeaker allowing members of the public below to hear them. Those listening say they heard pilots swearing and discussing oral sex. The officers were unaware that the loudspeaker was on due to the noise from the helicopter’s engine. Winnipeg Police Service say some of the “conversation was inappropriate” and have promised an internal review. [BBC]

5 Seconds of Summer fans go wild for ‘Doge Family’ hashtag after band change their Twitter profiles –
5SOS have changed their Twitter names and profile and the most bizarre hashtag is now trending. Fans have been tweeting #DogeFamily after the stars put up a photograph of a dog as their main images and changed their names, leaving us all asking: “WHAT IS GOING ON?!?” Well, we did some digging and found that ‘Doge’ is a internet meme based upon pictures of a Shiba Inus, and a slang word for dog. [Daily Mirror] See Top Twitter Trends below.
© @SOS/Twitter @SOS Twitter

An end to email shame? Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ comes to the masses –
“Today we’re adding ‘Undo Send’ as a formal setting in Gmail on the web,”explained Google in a blog post as the change went live. The feature, which can prevent massive social embarrassment and help avoid long chats with the HR department about what you just mistakenly sent to a colleague, is to be a standard part of Google’s webmail. It can be turned on from within Gmail’s settings menu and enables people to set a “cancellation period” of five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds after sending any email, during which they can call it back. The feature has been available in Gmail’s experimental Labs settings for some time, and was recently added to the company’s Inbox mobile email app – so many of Gmail’s more tech-savvy users will have set it up already. [The Guardian]

Reddit celebrates its 10th birthday with a ton of wacky stats –
It’s been 10 years since Reddit first launched – basically an eternity in Web time – and it’s celebrating its birthday by looking back at its history, as well as some statistics on where the platform is today. In the ten years since its inception, Reddit has garnered over 16 billion upvotes, compared to ‘just’ 2.6 billion downvotes. It’s kind of nice to know that in a platform often infamous for its trolls, more feedback has been positive than negative. There have also been 190 millions posts, 64 percent of which are links. On these posts, there have been 1.7 billion comments, of which 0.36 percent have mentioned cats. That’s over 6 million cat comments. [The Next Web] See List of the Day


Video of the Day –

Lexus has created a real, rideable hoverboard

List of the Day –

Statistics from the first 10 years of Reddit [Reddit]

  • 10 years, 0 months, 0 days
    • (ok, fine, technically it’s 9 years, 11 months, 30 days, 22 hours, and 16 minutes at time of posting this at 10 am PDT)
    • (also 5,258,776 minutes, 87,646 hours, 3651 days, or 521 weeks)
    • (and 2,563,574,752 downvotes)
    • (.36% of which mention cats)
  • 334,626,161 monthly page views per Reddit engineer
  • 190,227,552 posts
    • (36% self posts vs link)
  • 36,136,190 user accounts
    • (26,222 of which include some variation of “pm me” or “don’t pm me” requests)
  • $29,559,467.54 spent on 877,218 presents for RedditGifts exchanges
    • (in 201 gift exchanges)
  • 1,867,184 months of Reddit Gold purchased
    • (804,952 of which you’ve gifted to someone)
  • 853,824 subreddits created
    • (9,601 of which were active yesterday)
  • 213,078 lines of code total
    • (1,081,873 lines of code added and 868,795 removed in 10,128 commits since Jan. 23, 2007, the second complete rewrite of Reddit)
  • and 1 genderless, raceless, time-traveling alien from the future named Snoo.

Top Twitter Trends –

Worldwide USA UK
1 Cristiano Araújo Bobby Jindal #LARRYISCOMINGBACK
2 #LARRYISCOMINGBACK #dogefamily Buckingham Palace
3 #dogefamily Rick Ross #dogefamily
4 Titanic #1Dfragrance #NationalUpcyclingDay
5 #MasterChefBR #WatchNewStitchesVideo Dapper Laughs
6 #1Dfragrance Scott Storch Firmino
7 たま駅長 #RegretfulSubjectLines #saveILF
8 #FelizMiercoles #WeLoveYouCarter Frank Gehry
9 #MaskotaMaltrataAnimales #LiberalsNextBan #ToughEnough
10 #SosReFracaSi Kevin Love #FirminoLFC

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