January 1, 2015

Top News Stories –

Happy New Year! –
5 years done, 5 to go in the decade that still hasn’t earn’t a name. Onesies, Deccies, Tennies – what will it be?

2014 was The Year Of… –
The Selfie. The ultimate one was, of course, by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars [see March 13th 2014]
Photo: Ellen Degeneres - public domain

2015 will be…? –
2015 was year in which the film Back to the Future was set, so expect hoverboards and DeLorean cars to be big this year. October 21st is the magical day.

Very fast wedding –
Formula 1 driver Jenson Benson, who has retained his seat for McLaren in 2015 tweeted that he has married his partner of 7 years, lingerie model, Jessica Michibata in Hawaii.
Jenson Button bahrain 2012

Captain Fantastic –
Steven Gerrard captain of Liverpool FC announces he is leaving the club to play overseas at the end of the English Premier League season. Gerrard who is 34 made his debut for the club in 1998 is likely to go to MLS club LA Galaxy.
Steven Gerrard in 2014

Rouble to Euro –
Lithuania becomes the nineteenth state to join the Euro and in doing so gets its fourth currency in 25 years – after the Soviet rouble, the talonas and the litas.

Video of the Day –

Show me your Hoverboard from Jørgen Håland on Vimeo.

List of the day –

12 Inventions from Back to the Future we don’t have [from Buzzfeed.com]

1. Food hydrator

Specifically made by Black & Decker. Wonder if they’ll change their slogan to “We sure know how to hydrate a pizza!”

2. Power laces

Because tying shoes is so overrated!

3. Automatic dog walkers

4. Self drying jackets

5. Jaws 19 and holographic movie posters

6. Phone glasses

7. Futuristic fashion: talking vests and odd shaped helmets

8. Retractable garden centers

9. Pepsi perfect
10. Mr. Fusion — home energy reactor
A power source that is fueled by everyday garbage. Turn your leftovers into 1.21 jigawatts of energy!
11. Flying cars
12. Hoverboards
Forget segways and razor scooters, you’re riding on air now. Wonder if they’ll work on water?

Top Twitter Trends –

Worldwide USA UK
1 Page 1 of 365 #24HrsOfRadissonSweeps Happy New Year
2 #Para2015Quiero Page 1 of 365 #bestmemoriesof2014
3 #bestmemoriesof2014 #bestmemoriesof2014 #LondonNYE
4 #LoMejorDel2014Fue Happy New Years Hogmanay
5 #canalsur Ended 2014 England
6 العام الجديد #2k15 #LagosCountdown
7 #PersonasImportantesEnEste… #FriendsOnNetflix #WarAndPeace
8 Happy New Years #OREvsFSU #GoodLuckTim
9 Happy New Year Shawn Oakman #hootenanny
10 #WeNeedOTRAinItaly2015 #RockinEve Times Square

Other News Stories –

Armed conflicts and attacks
Business and economy
International relations
Law and crime
  • Vietnam’s new marriage law goes into effect, abolishing regulations that “prohibit marriage between people of the same sex.” (Bloomberg)
Politics and elections

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