This site came about after a debate/discussion/argument around 2003 about what this decade should be called. Hours of internet searching finally revealed the answer – nobody knows. It’s not something a government can dictate and since “the Naughties” was only named half-way through the decade, no-one seems in much of a hurry to nail it. Now we are on the eve of the third decade of the 21st century and there is still no dominating name.

There is also no legacy since 1910-1919 doesn’t have a nickname, and the years don’t help any standard nomenclature. So we came up with a shortlist of possibilities each with their own benefits and disadvantages but still couldn’t decide.

So this website was launched to harness the mighty opinion of the internet, but it was pretty dull just having a single page with a vote on it. So it became a news source, a point of reference when you are trying to find what interesting things happened on “that” day not just the main news headlines (that everyone can find and a usually quite depressing).

Everything is keyworded and searchable so if you can’t remember exactly who did what to whom in what year, you can probably find out here.

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