February 8, 2010

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Calvin Klein says Kate Moss was ‘difficult’ –
Klein, recalling the time he cast Moss and Mark Wahlberg in a series of advertisements in the Eighties, says she was, while “a great model,” a “difficult” person to work with. “It didn’t go too well. She didn’t like him at all. I have worked with so many women, great ones, and Kate was always difficult.” (See Video of the Day and List of The Day) [Daily Telegraph]
Kate-Moss-with-Mario-TestinoKate Moss with photographer Mario Testino

Sarah Palin caught with crib notes on her hand –
Sarah Palin mocked President Barack Obama as ‘a charismatic guy with a Teleprompter’ during a speech only to be photographed with crib notes written on the palm of her hand. A close examination of the former vice-presidential candidate speaking at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville at the weekend revealed she had the words “Energy”, “Tax,” and “Lift Americans Spirits” scrawled in ink on the inside of her left hand.
“Budget cuts” was written and then crossed out. She surreptitiously glanced at the words during a question and answer session afterwards when she was asked what should be the top three things a Republican majority in Congress would focus on. [Daily Telegraph]
SarahPalinByDavidShankboneSarah Palin

Consumers ‘unconvinced’ by Apple iPad, study shows –
The number of people who are not interested in buying an Apple iPad has increased after the tablet’s unveiling, according to shopping website Retrevo. Just over a quarter of those questioned ahead of the Apple event last month said they had heard that Apple might launch a tablet-style computer, but were not interested in buying one. That figure increased from 26 per cent to 52 per cent in the days following the unveiling last month. And the number of people saying they would definitely buy an Apple iPad increased by just two per cent, from three per cent before the announcement to five per cent after the tablet computer had been unveiled. The number of shoppers who were undecided remained almost the same before and after the announcement, up from 18 per cent who said they might buy one, to 19 per cent. [Daily Telegraph]
Steve_Jobs_with_the_Apple_iPadSteve Jobs with the iPad

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Kate Moss YSL commercial 2009


September 6, 2015

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Finland: City hands out ‘survival box’ to new students –
A Finnish city is handing out “survival packs” to new students, taking inspiration from the country’s famous baby starter boxes. The city of Lahti has packaged up a selection of essentials for new arrivals to its universities and colleges, helped by contributions from local businesses, national broadcaster Yle reports. More than 1,000 students have received one of the kits so far. And just like the parcels given to expectant mothers across the country, Lahti’s offering comes in a modest cardboard box. Among the items new students will find inside is a bus pass for trips around the city, some locally produced sheets and socks, and a pack of porridge, Yle says. Students can also tuck into the popular Nordic snack salmiakki – a sour, salty liquorice. The survival pack is meant to introduce students to the delights of Lahti while also serving as a marketing opportunity for businesses in the city. [BBC]

BBC plans North Korea broadcasts –
The BBC is to propose an expansion of the World Service – including its first radio broadcasts to North Korea [on short wave radio] – as it sets out plans for its own future. A children’s iPlayer and a pool of 100 local reporters who would share work with newspapers are also planned. Director general Tony Hall will say the aim is to turn the BBC into “an open platform for British creativity”. The BBC is laying out its plans as part of negotiations with the government ahead of charter renewal in 2016. [BBC]

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MOVEment: Chalayan x AyaBambi and Ryan Heffington from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.

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