October 5, 2015

Top News Stories –

Thousands of NASA Apollo mission photos uploaded online –
Thousands of photos taken by Apollo astronauts on moon missions are now online. Around 13,000 scans of images from NASA’s archives, taken across ALL manned Apollo missions between 1961 and 1972 have been given to founder of the Project Apollo Archive Kipp Teague. He told Newsbeat “serious budget cuts” mean the organisation doesn’t have the resourses to publish them. Kipp launched the gallery in 1999, but following questioning about decisions to edit some images in the past, he was prompted to post unedited, high resolution images this time around. [BBC Newsbeat]
Apollo 11 Magazine 40/S Apollo 11 Magazine 40/S – (Color) / EVA; NASA photographs; unprocessed 1800 dpi Hasselblad film scans by Johnson Space Center, circa 2005

Extreme phone pinching is the strangest trend of 2015 –
Back in 2013 there was the Harlem Shake. In 2014, we had the Ice Bucket Challenge. Since then, social media trends have taken a bizarre turn, via some goats. Extreme phone pinching is the latest trend sweeping social media networks, and it involves holding your expensive phone over perilous locations. The only rule appears to be that you can only hold onto your gadget using only your thumb and forefinger. Photos and videos have been flooding the internet of phone users dangling their precious handsets over cliffs, toilets and drains. [Daily Telegraph]

Video of the Day –

Box Clever – Simon’s Cat

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1 #FelizLunes #WorldTeachersDay #WorldTeachersDay
2 #ArgentinaDebate #mondaymotivation #mondaymotivation
3 わたしの心 American Apparel #plasticbags
4 Air France Grace Lee Boggs Lord Adonis
5 #MTVFANWARSDirectioners CC Sabathia Jeremy Hunt
6 #سعوديه_تفضح_ز�… #StopGunViolence Henning Mankell
7 #شي_جميل_بحرف_ا… #TPP Ched Evans
8 Henning Mankell #MyGenitaliaIn4Words American Apparel
9 #ALDUBSwitch #WhatYouDontTellCustomers AstraZeneca
10 Independiente #MTVFANWARSDirectioners #ThisIsEngland90

Other News Stories –

Armed conflicts and attacks
Business and economy
  • Clothing manufacturer and retailer American Apparel files for bankruptcy. The company said its 200+ retail stores will continue to operate without any interruptions. (New York Times) (Forbes)
  • The World Bank estimates that 9.6 percent of the world’s population is living in extreme poverty this year, down from 12.8% in 2012. The bank also updated its global poverty line from $1.25 per day to $1.90 per day to reflect inflation and changes in purchasing power around the world; it was last adjusted in 2008. (Time) (The Guardian)
Disasters and accidents
International relations
Law and crime
Politics and elections

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