January 2, 2015

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Broken Bono –
U2 lead singer Bono says that a crash on his bicycle last November resulted in multiple left arm fractures, a broken should and hand and a fractured eye socket. He now has a titanium elbow and fears that he may never play guitar but his band-mates have reminded him “that neither they nor western civilization are depending on this.”
Bono U2 360 Tour 2011

Cancer due to bad luck –
A new piece of research by a team at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US has found that most types of cancer can be put down to bad luck rather than risk factors such as smoking. The research printed in the journal “Science”, showed 66% of the cancer types analysed were caused just by chance mutations rather than lifestyle.
Pink ribbon

Taking a bite out of Apple –
Miami residents Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara are suing Apple over the amount of storage space the Apple iOS 8 uses on mobile devices.They claim it uses up such a large amount that it forces owners to pay for iCloud storage. They are suing in California for millions of dollars.

Prince Andrew named in court papers –
Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has been named in Florida court papers by a woman who says she was forced to have sexual relations with the prince in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island owned by his fried Jeffrey Epstein when she was a minor. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said: “This relates to long-standing and ongoing civil proceedings in the United States, to which the Duke of York is not a party. As such we would not comment on the detail. However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue”.
Prince Andrew August 2014 (cropped)

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August 29, 2015

Top News Stories –

World Athletics Championships: Ashton Eaton sets new decathlon world record in Beijing –
Ashton Eaton’s world record in the decathlon has stolen the limelight from Mo Farah and Usain Bolt on the penultimate night of the world athletics championships in Beijing. Farah completed the long distance double for a second consecutive occasion at a world titles with victory in the men’s 5,000 metres final, while Usain Bolt captured his third gold in the Bird’s Nest in the last seven days when he anchored Jamaica to a win in the men’s 4x100m relay. But it was Eaton who deserved top billing, after the American dipped under his world mark to post a two-day total of 9,045 points. Eaton, the defending champion, collected 829 points in running four minutes and 17.52 seconds in the final event, the 1,500m, enough to beat his previous record by six points. [ABC]
Ashto Eaton tweet Ashton Eaton tweet


Mo Farah completes the ‘triple-double’ with 5,000m at the athletics world championships in Beijing –
Mo Farah is the first athlete to win the 5,000 and 10,000m races at successive world championships. The ‘triple-double’: it is a coinage usually confined to basketball, but in Beijing it belongs to the extraordinary Mo Farah, who for a record third successive global championships has completed twin triumphs over 5,000 and 10,000 metres. None of the distance icons – not Emil Zatopek, not Lasse Viren, not Kenenisa Bekele – managed it, but Farah streaked into history at the Bird’s Nest stadium with another exquisitely controlled perfor­mance over 12½ laps. [Daily Telegraph]
British Athletics tweet - Mo Farrah


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List of the Day –

Decathlon world record progression [As of August 29, 2015 – Wikipedia]

Points Adjusted
Athlete Nation Date Place
7,485.61 6,087 Aleksander Klumberg  EST 1922-09-22 Helsinki[1]
7,710.775 6,476 Harold Osborn  USA 1924-07-12 Paris[1]
7,820.93 6,460 Paavo Yrjölä  FIN 1926-07-18 Viipuri[1]
7,995.19 6,566 Paavo Yrjölä  FIN 1927-07-17 Helsinki[1]
8,053.29 6,587 Paavo Yrjölä  FIN 1928-08-04 Amsterdam[1]
8,255.475 6,865 Akilles Järvinen  FIN 1930-07-20 Viipuri[1]
8,462.235 6,736 James Bausch  USA 1932-08-06 Los Angeles[1]
8,790.46 7,147 Hans-Heinrich Sievert  GER 1934-07-08 Hamburg[1]
7,900 7,254 Glenn Morris  USA 1936-08-08 Berlin[1]
8,042 7,287 Bob Mathias  USA 1950-06-30 Tulare[1]
7,887 7,592 Bob Mathias  USA 1952-07-26 Helsinki[1]
7,985 7,608 Rafer Johnson  USA 1955-06-11 Kingsburg[1]
8,014 7,653 Vasili Kuznetsov  URS 1958-05-18 Krasnodar[1]
8,302 7,989 Rafer Johnson  USA 1958-07-28 Moscow[1]
8,357 7,839 Vasili Kuznetsov  URS 1959-05-17 Moscow[1]
8,683 7,981 Rafer Johnson  USA 1960-07-09 Eugene[1]
9,121 8,010 Yang Chuan-kwang  ROC 1963-04-28 Walnut[1]
8,230 8,120 Russ Hodge  USA 1966-07-24 Los Angeles[1]
8,319 8,235 Kurt Bendlin  FRG 1967-05-14 Heidelberg[1]
8,417 8,310 Bill Toomey  USA 1969-12-11 Los Angeles[1]
8,454 8,466 Mykola Avilov  URS 1972-09-08 Munich[1]
8,524 8,420 Bruce Jenner[a]  USA 1975-08-10 Eugene[1]
8,538 8,454 Bruce Jenner[a]  USA 1976-06-26 Eugene[1]
8,618 8,634 Bruce Jenner[a]  USA 1976-07-30 Montreal[1]
8,622 8,648 Daley Thompson  GBR 1980-05-15 Götzis[1]
8,649 8,667 Guido Kratschmer  FRG 1980-06-14 Filderstadt-Bernhausen[1]
8,704 8,730 Daley Thompson  GBR 1982-05-23 Götzis[1]
8,723 8,741 Jürgen Hingsen  FRG 1982-08-15 Ulm[1]
8,743 8,774 Daley Thompson  GBR 1982-09-08 Athens[1]
8,779 8,825 Jürgen Hingsen  FRG 1983-06-05[3] Filderstadt-Bernhausen[1]
8,798 8,832 Jürgen Hingsen  FRG 1984-05-09 Mannheim[1]
8,798 8,847 Daley Thompson  GBR 1984-08-09 Los Angeles[1]
8,891 8,891 Dan O’Brien  USA 1992-09-05 Talence[1]
8,994 8,994 Tomáš Dvořák  CZE 1999-07-04 Prague[1]
9,026 9,026 Roman Šebrle  CZE 2001-05-27 Götzis[1]
9,039 9,039 Ashton Eaton  USA 2012-06-23 Eugene[4][5]
9,045 9,045 Ashton Eaton  USA 2015-08-29 Beijing

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