May 6, 2015

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Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson are fighting on Twitter –
Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy are having a row on Twitter. It seemed to start when Naughty Boy posted a picture of himself and Zayn along with the caption, “Replace this” – which Zayn then retweeted. Louis then wrote: “Remember when you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your pictures were cool haha ! Some people still do HA!” Zayn then replied directly to Louis, saying: “Remember when you had a life..?” Naughty Boy, who has been working with Zayn, also had his own back-and-forth row with Louis on the social network. Also see Top Twitter Trends – #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN [BBC]

© @Louis_Tomlinson & @NaughtyBoyMusic / Twitter
© @Louis_Tomlinson & @NaughtyBoyMusic / Twitter
© @Louis_Tomlinson & @NaughtyBoyMusic / Twitter
© @Louis_Tomlinson & @NaughtyBoyMusic / Twitter© @Louis_Tomlinson & @NaughtyBoyMusic / Twitter

Spanish domestic football to be suspended-
The Spanish football federation says it is suspending indefinitely all end-of-season games in disputes with the government, including over TV rights. A federation statement said it was also unhappy with receiving only 4.55% of pools revenue, though it said it was still open to dialogue. All matches will be suspended from 16 May, including the domestic cup final. In the top division, Barcelona lead La Liga rivals Real Madrid by two points, with only three games left to play. In the statement, the RFEF federation said it had acted after three months of talks with the government had failed to resolve the dispute. It said more than 600,000 players and 30,000 matches across the country would be affected by the suspension. [BBC]

Japan: Zoo sorry for naming monkey after new princess –
The Takasakiyama Zoo, in southern Japan, was inundated with complaints after announcing the female macaque monkey’s name on Wednesday, the Kyodo news agency reports. The zoo says the name was chosen after a public vote, a tradition for their first newborn macaque monkey each year. Charlotte received the most votes, although it wasn’t exactly a runaway winner, with 59 out of 853 people choosing it. But other members of the public felt that it was disrespectful to the British royal family to name a monkey after a princess. The zoo faced a “barrage” of complaints from people wanting them to re-name the macaque, with some noting that the Japanese people might not be best pleased if a British monkey were named after one of their own royal family, Kyodo reports. The zoo has apologised in a statement on its website. [BBC]

Hot Chocolate frontman Errol Brown dies, aged 71 –
Hot Chocolate frontman Errol Brown has died aged 71, his manager said. The singer, famous for hits including You Sexy Thing and It Started With A Kiss, died at home in the Bahamas. His manager, Phil Dale, said he had suffered from liver cancer. [Daily Telegraph] (See Video of the Day and List of the Day)

Video of the Day –

Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing

List of the day –

Hot Chocolate’s singles


Year Single Peak chart positions Certifications
(sales thresholds)
1969 Give Peace a Chance(as Hot Chocolate Band)
1970 Love Is Life 6 13
1971 “You Could Have Been a Lady” 22
“I Believe (In Love)” 8
1972 “Mary-Anne”
“You’ll Always Be a Friend” 23
1973 Brother Louie 7 19 36
“Rumours” 44
1974 Emma 3 2 7 8 6
  • UK: Silver
“Changing World”
“Cheri Babe” 31 10 68
1975 “Blue Night”
“Disco Queen” 11 16 28
“A Child’s Prayer” 7 6 92
You Sexy Thing 2 5 4 2 3 4
  • UK: Silver
  • US: Gold
1976 “Don’t Stop It Now” 11 12 42
“Man to Man” 14 17
“Heaven Is in the Back Seat of My Cadillac” 25 19 32
1977 So You Win Again 1 5 2 8 31 12
  • UK: Silver
“Put Your Love In Me” 10 20 19 90
  • UK: Silver
1978 “Every 1’s a Winner” 12 10 11 7 6 12
  • US: Gold
“I’ll Put You Together Again” 13 14 8 31 12
1979 “Mindless Boogie” 46 46 21
“Going Through the Motions” 53 49 33 53
1980 No Doubt About It 2 9 2 56
  • UK: Silver
“Are You Getting Enough of What Makes You Happy” 17 15 65
“Love Me to Sleep” 50
1981 “Gotta Give Up Your Love” 42
“You’ll Never Be So Wrong” 52 15
“I’m Losing You”/”Children of Spacemen”
1982 “Girl Crazy” 7 4 11 9
“It Started with a Kiss” 5 7 5 2 15
  • UK: Silver
“Chances” 32 8 85
1983 “What Kinda Boy You’re Lookin’ For (Girl)” 10 17 4
“Tears on the Telephone” 37 18 22
“I’m Sorry” 89
1984 I Gave You My Heart (Didn’t I) 13 12
1986 “Heartache No. 9” 76
1987 “You Sexy Thing (Ben Liebrand Remix)” 10 56 8
“Every 1’s a Winner (Groove Mix)” 69 59
“No Doubt About It (Remix)”
1988 “Heaven Is in the Backseat of My Cadillac (Remix)”
“Never Pretend”
1993 “It Started with a Kiss” (Re-issue) 31
1997 “You Sexy Thing (Ben Liebrand Remix)” (Re-issue) 6 19
1998 “It Started with a Kiss” (Second re-issue) 18

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Worldwide USA UK
1 #SalmanVerdict #collegein5words #Jockalypse
2 Orson Welles Hamburglar #SalmanVerdict
5 #NoPuedoDejarDe Orson Welles The Who
6 #النصر_لخويا #DrunkSongs #DrunkSongs
7 #SeniorYearIn5Words Young Thug #collegein5words
8 #collegein5words #SalmanVerdict Joey Essex
9 Mike Conley Messi #humpday
10 #6Mayıs1972 #okwx Juve

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