July 22, 2015

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Madonna compares herself to Pablo Picasso –
Madonna thinks artists deep into their careers should stop if they do not have anything more to say. But at 56, the singer says she wants to keep going – and feels like Pablo Picasso. “I like to compare myself to other kinds of artists like Picasso. He kept painting and painting until the day he died. Why? Because I guess he felt inspired to do so,” she said. “Life inspired him, so he had to keep expressing himself, and that’s how I feel.” Madonna released her self-titled debut album in 1983, and her latest album, “Rebel Heart,” earlier this year. She said the key to sticking around is her continual desire to inspire others. “I don’t think there’s a time, a date, an expiration date for being creative,” she said. “I think you go until you don’t have any more to say.” [Daily Telegraph] Madonna launched her latest video on June 17, 2015

Taylor Swift Chinese clothing line with ‘TS’ and ‘1989’ touches Tiananmen Square nerve –
Taylor Swift has accidentally touched a political nerve in the lead up to her China tour by promoting merchandise with the letters ‘TS’ and the date ‘1989’ — shared by the Tiananmen Square massacre, which remains heavily censored in mainland China. The American star was due to launch her new range of clothing on China’s biggest retailer platforms, Taobao and Jing Dong (JD.com), in the run up to her forthcoming China tour. However, the tour slated for November, could be jeopardised given the sensitive nature of the cack-handed reference. Both the tour and album were named after Swift’s date of birth, 1989, but also allude to the year in which reportedly thousands of innocent civilians were mown down by government forces in Beijing among student protests. [Daily Telegraph]
Taylor-Swift Taylor Swift

A $7 Billion Charge at Microsoft Leads to Its Largest Loss Ever –
An accounting charge wiped out Microsoft’s profit for the quarter, leading to its largest loss ever, the company said on Tuesday, making clear the cost of its missteps in the mobile business. The $7.5 billion accounting charge, stemming from Microsoft’s troubled acquisition of Nokia’s cellphone business, was disclosed by the company earlier this month, along with plans to eliminate 7,800 jobs, mostly in the company’s phone operations. While the accounting charge was on paper and will not diminish the company’s huge cash hoard, it was a psychic blow to Microsoft, one of the biggest money makers in tech. [NY Times]

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SPECTRE – James Bond trailer

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