February 26, 2015

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Owl attacks in Nederlands –
Residents in the northern Dutch town of Purmerend have been advised to take umbrellas out at night after a spate of attacks by an owl. Dozens of residents have suffered head injuries over the past three weeks at the claws of the rogue European eagle owl. Two runners were attacked on Tuesday, with one requiring stitches for five separate head wounds. The European eagle owl’s usual prey are small mammals and birds. [BBC]

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Pilot successfully crash lands historic fighter plane

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Richest former apprentices in the UK

1 Lord Bamford & Family apprentice at Massey Ferguson £3,150 construction equipment
2 Laurence and Francois Graff apprentice jeweller £3,000 diamonds
3 John Cauldwell engineering apprentice £1,500 mobile phones
4 Sir Terry Matthews Post Office Research apprentice £1,190 computers
5= Jim McColl apprentice engineer £1,000 engineering
5= Vladimir Makhlai turner’s apprentice £1,000 industry
7 John Bloor apprentice plasterer £750 construction, motorcycles
8 Sir Arnold Clark & Family apprentice shoe designer £675 car sales
9 Lord Alliance & Family apprenticed into Grand Bazaar in Tehran £650 mail order, textiles
10 Trevor Hemmings bricklayer’s apprentice £625 property


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Worldwide USA UK
1 #TengoUnasReGanasDe #GiveDivasAChance #MakeASongBritish
2 #JuevesAzulYOroCopero #ParksFarewell Jihadi John
3 #HocalıKatliamı #DogTVShows #24HOURSOFJACKU
4 #DondeFirmoPara #IveSeenEveryEpisodeOf DRose in 10
5 Mohammed Emwazi #QuestionsIGetAskedTooMuch #BRITAwards
6 Jihadi John #WhyIdMakeABadSuperhero #HTGAWMFinale
7 #RailBudget2015 Zendaya Chris Jones
8 #SeninleyizBeşiktaş #NotAGoodConversationStarter Mohammed Emwazi
9 #MakeASongBritish #NashsNewVideo Josh Hamilton
10 #GustoKitaPero Amber Alert #TheDress

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Armed conflicts and attacks
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