February 15th 2014

US gets D-minus for science –
A study by the National Science Foundation in the US finds that over a quarter of Americans do not know the Earth circles the Sun. 2,200 people were asked nine factual questions about physical and biological science, with the average score being just 5.8 correct answers. Only 48 per cent of those interviewed are aware that humans evolved from earlier species of animals.

21-year-old pole-vault record beaten –
Renaud Lavillenie the French pole-vaulter sets a new world record with a height of 6.16 metres (20 ft 2 1⁄2 in) Donetsk, Ukraine finally breaking the record set by Russia’s Sergey Bubka 21 years previously set on 21 February 1993 also in Donetsk.
Men_pole_vault_steeple_French_Athletics_Championships_2013_t173743Renaud Lavillenie

Tom Perkins new voting system idea –
Outspoken Tom Perkins says the rich should be given more votes than the less well off and those who pay no tax should not have a vote at all. He went further at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco to say “What I really think is it should be like a corporation, if you pay a million dollars in taxes you get a million votes.”
Tom-PerkinsTom Perkins

Skier breaks her back at Olympics –
Maria Komissarova, one of Russia’s ski cross competitor breaks her spine during training at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. She sustained a fractured vertebrae with a dislocation and was transported to a hospital close to Rosa Khutor Extreme Park where she underwent an emergency six-and-a-half hour operation.

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