December 31, 2014

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Cheapskate footballers conned –
Players at an English Premier League football club have apparently lost £30,000 to fraudsters in a scam. West Ham United footballer Andy Carroll and manager Sam Allardyce paid £11,000 for cut-price Fortnum & Mason hampers and Harrods champagne last month – and the pair but never saw the goods delivered.
Andy-CarrollAndy Carroll

Coding error? –
Silicon Valley security firm Norse has said the massive hack on Sony earlier this year may not have been made by North Korea but by a disgruntled group of former employees headed by a person called Lena who was laid off last May.

More thumb action for 2015 –
New fashion app Grabble works like Tinder but with fashion items instead of potential dates being “thrown” or grabbed”.

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Google Search 2014

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2014 Google Trends –
Top Google searches in 2014:
Searches – Robin Williams
People – Jennifer Lawrence
Athletes – James Rodriguez
Consumer Electronics – iPhone 6
Global News – Ebola
YouTube videos – Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)

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1 Page 365 of 365 #bestmemoriesof2014 #2014HasTaughtMe
2 #20ThingsIWantFor2015 #1D2014Highlights #ThingsToLeaveIn2014
3 #bestmemoriesof2014 Page 365 of 365 #bestmemoriesof2014
4 #LoMejorDel2014Fue Happy New Year’s Eve Hogmanay
5 #1D2014Highlights #20ThingsIWantFor2015 Happy New Year
6 Bye 2014 Happy New Years Eve #LeelahAlcorn
7 #LeelahAlcorn #LeelahAlcorn Katie Hopkins
8 #Para2015Quiero Edward Herrmann James Corden
9 Page 1 of 365 #NYEMEGAMIX #20ThingsIWantFor2015
10 العام الجديد #CNNNYE American Gangster

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