April 15, 2015

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Gisele Bundchen Shares Throwback Photo in Honor of Last Runway Show –
The 34-year-old model will hang up her catwalking shoes after she struts her stuff during São Paulo Fashion Week tonight, walking for Brazilian street label Colcci, a brand she has represented since 2005. Before she takes the runway for the last time, Bündchen shared a sweet throwback photo to her Instagram account from her very first show. [Celebuzz.com]
Gisele-first-assignment copyright giseleofficial InstagramGisele Bunchen (Instagram – giseleofficial)

Unpaid spaceport workers appeal to Vladimir Putin with giant graffiti –
Construction workers at a £9 billion cosmodrome in eastern Russian have resorted to extreme measures to appeal to Vladimir Putin after going four months without pay. Employees of TMK at the Vostochny spaceport were so exasperated at failing to receive their money that they painted a message to the Russian president in huge white letters on top of their construction huts. The giant letters read, “Dear Putin, V.V.”, “Save the workers”, “Four months without pay” and “We want to work”. [Daily Telegraph]
Russian-Spaceport-message-twitter copyright @amurinfo

Record dive rescues $50m wartime silver from ocean floor –
A British-led team has recovered a $50m (£34m; €47m) trove of silver coins that has lain on the seabed since the steamship carrying them from Bombay to England was sunk in 1942. The SS City of Cairo was torpedoed 772km (480 miles) south of St Helena by a German U-boat and sank to 5,150m. The 100 tonnes of coins, recovered in the deepest salvage operation in history, belonged to HM Treasury. The coins have now been melted down in the UK and sold, with the undisclosed sum divided between the treasury – which technically owns the coins – and the salvagers, who take a percentage of the sale. The salvage was completed in September 2013, but DOS has only now been given permission by the Ministry of Transport to announce it. [BBC]

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MArine disasters with over 1,000 lives lost [Wikipedia]

Country Description Lives lost
1987  Philippines Doña Paz – On 20 December 1987, the ferry bound for Manila with more than its capacity of unlisted passengers collided with the oil tanker MT Vector in the Tablas Strait, near Marinduque. The resulting fire and sinking left an estimated 4,386 dead which included all but 24 of Doña Paz’s passengers, and all but two of Vector’s 13-man crew.[1][2] 4,386
 China Kiangya – The passenger steamship blew up and sank in the mouth of the Huangpu River 50 mi (80 km) south ofShanghai on 4 December 1948. The suspected cause of the explosion was Kiangya hitting a mine left behind by theImperial Japanese Navy in World War II. The exact death toll is unknown, however, it is thought that between 2,750 and 3,920 died with 700–1,000 survivors being picked up by other vessels. 2,750–3,920
 Canada Mont-Blanc and the Halifax Explosion – On 6 December 1917, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, was devastated by the huge explosion of the fully laden French munitions ship Mont-Blanc. She collided with the Norwegian ship Imo in The Narrows part of Halifax Harbour. The Mont-Blanc ’​s 40-man crew all escaped but minutes later she exploded. About 2,000 people on the shore and in Halifax were killed by the explosion, falling debris, fires or collapsing buildings, and over 9,000 were injured, particularly by flying glass.[3] It is still the largest accidental explosion of conventional weaponsto date.[4] 2,000 {estimated} 1,950 known dead
 Senegal Le Joola – On 26 September 2002, the overloaded ferry capsized in rough seas with an estimated death toll of 1,864.[5] 1,864
 United States Sultana – On 26 April 1865 this Mississippi riverboat, steaming north with an excessive number of passengers on board, suffered a series of boiler explosions. An estimated 1,800 of her 2,427 passengers died in the ensuing fire or of drowning in the freezing river. 1,800+
 China Tek Sing – The Chinese ship, called a junk, was bound for Batavia, Dutch East Indies. On 6 February 1822 she tried a shortcut through the Gaspar Strait between Belitung and Bangka Islands and grounded on a reef. The junk sank in about 30 metres (100 ft) of water, killing about 1,600 people.[6] 1,600
 United Kingdom RMS Titanic – A passenger ocean liner and, at the time, the world’s largest ship. On 14 April 1912, on her maiden voyage, she struck an iceberg, buckling part of her hull and causing her to sink in the early hours of 15 April. 706 of her 2,223 passengers and crew survived.[7] Her loss was the catalyst for major reforms in shipping safety and is arguably the most famous maritime disaster, being the subject of countless media portrayals.[8] ‘ 1,517
 England The Channel Storm – In November 1703 a great storm swept the English Channel, causing the loss of thirteen men-of-war and the deaths of an estimated 1500 seamen. 1,500+
1991  Saudi Arabia Salem Express – On 17 December 1991, while on a voyage from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Safaga, Egypt, with more than 1600 passengers, the ship struck a reef about 0130 hrs and sank within 10 minutes. Official toll is 470 lives lost, but local lore[citation needed] says many more and that the ship was overcrowded with unlisted passengers returning from pilgrimage to Mecca. The ship is a popular scuba dive site. Details 1,400
 Great Britain The Scilly naval disaster of 1707 – On 22 October 1707, a Royal Navy fleet en route from Gibraltar to Portsmouth sailed through dangerous reefs west of the Isles of Scilly. Four ships (HMS Association, HMS Eagle, HMS Romney andHMS Firebrand) sank. The exact number of crew lost is unknown. Statements vary between 1,400[9] and over 2,000.[10]It was later determined that the main cause was the navigators’ inability to calculate their longitude accurately. 1,400-2,000
 Japan Toya Maru – A Japanese passenger ferry that sank in Typhoon Marie in the Tsugaru Strait between the Japanese islands of Hokkaido and Honshu on 26 September 1954. It is said[by whom?] that 1,153 people aboard were lost but the exact number of fatalities remains unknown because some victims managed to board without tickets and others cancelled their passage just before sailing. 1,153
 Great Britain HMS Victory – The 100-gun first-rate sank in a storm in the English Channel while returning to England on the night of 4 October 1744. With her were lost Admiral Sir John Balchen and her entire complement of around 1,150 men. 1,150
 Egypt Al Salam Boccaccio 98 – On 3 February 2006, the Roll-on/roll-off passenger ferry Al Salam Boccaccio 98 sank in theRed Sea en route from Duba, Saudi Arabia, to Safaga in southern Egypt. The ship was carrying 1,312 passengers and 96 crew. 388 people survived.[11] 1,020
1914  Canada RMS Empress of Ireland – On 29 May 1914 the passenger liner sank after colliding with the cargo ship Storstad on theSaint Lawrence River, killing 1,012 people. About 465 survived.[12] 1,012
 United States General Slocum – The paddle steamer caught fire and sank in New York’s East River on 15 June 1904. More than 1,000 people were lost, making it New York City’s highest loss of life until the September 11 attacks.[13] 1,000
 Japan Kiche Maru – Sank in a typhoon in the Pacific on 22 September 1912. It is estimated that more than 1,000 persons died.[14] 1,000
1921  Singapore Hong Moh – On 3 March 1921, the ship struck the White Rocks on Lamock Island near Swatow (Shantou) on the southern coast of China. She broke in two and sank killing about 1,000 of the 1,100 people aboard. 1,000
1996  Tanzania Bukoba – The overloaded ferry sank on 21 May 1996 on Lake Victoria. While the ship’s manifest showed 443 aboard, it is estimated that about 800 people died in the sinking. 1,000

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