September 29th 2014

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Max Verstappen: Teenager to drive in practice at Japanese Grand Prix –
Max Verstappen will become the youngest driver ever to take part in a grand prix weekend when he drives in first practice in Japan on Friday. The Dutchman, who is 17 on Tuesday, is making his debut for the Toro Rosso team, for whom he will race in 2015. He will drive Jean-Eric Vergne’s car in preparation for next season when he replaces the French driver. “To be already participating in a practice session is a dream come true,” Verstappen said. [BBC]
Max_VerstappenMax Verstappen

CIA Starbucks is the weirdest Starbucks –
Nestled in the heart of CIA’s high security Langley, Virginia headquarters is a branch of Starbucks. Its day-to-day operation runs a little different to that of a mall-based coffee shop however, for starters, baristas aren’t allowed to write customers’ names on their cups. Such is the level of secrecy at the agency that receipts for the café simply say “Store Number 1”, with staff affectionately calling it “Stealthy Starbucks”. There are no frequent customer reward cards – officials fear the data they contain could be mined by marketers and compromise undercover agents’ identity – and baristas have to go through thorough background checks before starting and be escorted on and off the work area by “minders”. [The Independent]

Video of the Day –

Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong [Contains strong language]

List of the Day –

Youngest drivers to start an Formula One race

Driver Age Place Race
1 Spain Jaime Alguersuari 19 years, 125 days 15th 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix
2 New Zealand Mike Thackwell 19 years, 182 days Ret 1980 Canadian Grand Prix
3 Mexico Ricardo Rodriguez 19 years, 208 days Ret 1961 Italian Grand Prix
4 Spain Fernando Alonso 19 years, 218 days 12th 2001 Australian Grand Prix
5 Argentina Esteban Tuero 19 years, 320 days Ret 1998 Australian Grand Prix
6 New Zealand Chris Amon 19 years, 324 days Ret 1963 Belgian Grand Prix
Russia Daniil Kvyat 9th 2014 Australian Grand Prix
8 Germany Sebastian Vettel 19 years, 349 days 8th 2007 United States Grand Prix
9 United States Eddie Cheever 20 years, 53 days Ret 1978 South African Grand Prix
United Kingdom Jenson Button Ret 2000 Australian Grand Prix

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Other News Stories –

Armed conflicts and attacks
  • War in Donbass
    • Renewed clashes around the Donetsk International Airport between the pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government troops kill at least 12 people in the worst flareup of violence since the ceasefire accord earlier in September. (CBC)
International Relations
  • Argentina‘s central bank announces that it will pay the holders of its restructured debt Tuesday. Implicitly this indicates that it is ready to defy a U.S. federal court which has blocked such payments until the holders of hold-out bonds are included. (Reuters)
Politics and Elections

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