February 13, 2010

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Britain’s sexiest female farmer crowned –
Blonde Anna Simpson has been voted Britain’s sexiest female farmer. Miss Simpson, 25, beat hundreds of rivals to be crowned the most attractive female farmer in the country. Miss Simpson, of Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire, spends her working life on Windy Hill Farm training sheep dogs, driving tractors and encouraging animals to mate. But she has now been crowned Britain’s sexiest female farmer in a poll by Farmer’s Weekly magazine. Pete Mortimore, 25, has been voted Britain’s sexiest male farmer and the pair win £250 each – and a pair of wellies. [Daily Telegraph]

Geri Halliwell makes boyfriend Henry Beckwith feel like Duke of Edinburgh –
Living with the former Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell can be a challenge, finds her boyfriend Henry Beckwith. The Spice Girls provoked adulation from their fans and inspired a forthcoming musical from the producer of Mamma Mia!, but living with a former member of the pop group can be challenging. Henry Beckwith, 31, an Old Harrovian, has been courting Geri Halliwell for almost a year, but his father informs Mandrake that being with Ginger Spice does have its drawbacks. “It’s very hard being with someone who gets the red-carpet treatment all around the world,” Sir John Beckwith, 62, a property developer, told Mandrake at a fundraising party for the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, at the shop Few & Far, in South Kensington, London. “It’s like being Prince Philip.” [Daily Telegraph]
Geri-HalliwellGeri Halliwell

What on Earth was that? Mystery space object whizzes past our planet –
It made its closest pass at 12.46pm (GMT) streaking past just 76,000 miles away, which is a third of the distance to the Moon. Amateur astronomers were able to track it in the United States. The object was discovered by MIT’s Linear survey on January 10 and astronomers are divided about what it is. A spokesman from Nasa said: ‘The object’s orbit reaches the orbit of Venus at its closest point to the Sun and nearly out to the orbit of Mars at its furthest point. ‘It crosses the Earth’s orbit at a very steep angle and this means it is unlikely to be a rocket stage.’ The space agency spokesman added that the trajectory would not fit with any recent rocket launch. ‘It seems more likely that this is a near-Earth asteroid about 10-15 metres across,’ he concluded. The rock has now been labelled 2010 AL30. There are two million such objects streaking around near-Earth space, with one passing near our world about once a week. [Daily Mail]

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February 14, 2015

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BBC apologise as Scotsman bares all on live TV –
Police have launched an investigation after a Scottish rugby fan exposed himself on a live BBC show. The Scot dropped his kilt on Friday’s evening news programme BBC Wales Today, ahead of Scotland’s clash with Wales yesterday afternoon. The clip has become a YouTube hit and had received more than 40,000 views by Sunday morning. Scotland were defeated 31-24 at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. [Daily Telegraph]

Katherine Jenkins turned down £1 million Playboy shoot to keep mum happy –
Katherine Jenkins has revealed she turned down £1 million to strip naked for Playboy because she did not want to upset her mum. The Welsh mezzo-soprano is revered for her curvy figure almost as much as for her classical singing talent. She has become the darling of red carpet photographers with her large bust and slim waist squeezed into figure-hugging dresses. The 29-year-old blonde once posed in a revealing basque for upmarket men’s magazine GQ in November 2008. But she has never completely flashed the flesh despite doing some modelling work when she was in her late teens to help pay for her musical studies. [Daily Telegraph]
Katherine-JenkinsKatherine Jenkins

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Berlin Block Tetris from Sergej Hein on Vimeo.