May 14, 2015

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Supergirl’s trailer reaction split between joy and ‘walking nightmare’ –
Saints be praised: a six-minute trailer for the new CBS TV series Supergirl is here, and it is extremely good.
Gone are the memories of the cult (and largely dreadful) 1984 film version starring a rather wet Helen Slater alongside Faye Dunaway chewing every piece of scenery in sight: the new Supergirl is kooky, charming and funny. Inevitably, Twitter was divided. A DC superhero show that was fun, frothy and where nobody looked anxious? What is this! Kara Jor-El fled the planet Krypton as a girl, and, like her cousin Superman, has grown up into a sweet, geeky character (played by Glee’s Melissa Benoist) who believes that wearing a pair of black plastic glassics is a cunning disguise. [Daily Telegraph] See Video of The Day
Calista-FlockhartCalista Flockhart who plays Supergirl’s boss

Swiss freediver breaks world record for holding breath underwater –

Peter Colat, a Swiss freediver, has held his breath underwater for 19 minutes and 21 seconds, smashing the world record. Colat, 38, performed the feat in a water tank in St Gallen, Switzerland. The previous Guinness World Record for oxygen-assisted static apnea was 19 seconds shorter and was set by an Italian, Nicola Putignano, last May. Colat, an experienced diver from Zurich, said the first 12 minutes was no problem. He said: “I felt the first need to breathe very late, but because of this it was even stronger.” Under the Guinness rules he was allowed to inhale pure oxygen 10 minutes prior to his attempt. See List of the day

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Oxygen-assisted static apnea previous records

Duration Name Date Location
11:54 Branko Petrović 7 October 2014 Dubai, UAE
11:35 [2] Stéphane Mifsud 8 June 2009 La Crau, France
10:12 Tom Sietas 7 June 2008 Athens, Greece
10:04 Stéphane Mifsud 12 July 2007 Hyères, France
9:15 Tom Sietas 12 May 2008 Mainz, Germany
9:08 Tom Sietas 1 May 2007 Hamburg, Germany
9:04 Herbert Nitsch 13 December 2006 Hurghada, Egypt
9:00 Tom Sietas 29 August 2006 Tokyo, Japan
8:58 Tom Sietas 12 December 2004 Eindhoven, Netherlands
8:47 Tom Sietas 11 June 2004 Hamburg, Germany
8:06 Martin Štěpánek 3 July 2001 Miami, USA[1]

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