January 15, 2015

Top News Stories –

Frantic Swiss franc trading –
The Swiss franc has increased in value over the Euro by 30% from 1.20 to the euro to 0.80 in just 30 minutes before settling back at 1.03 Swiss francs to 1 euro. The frantic trading that caused this was a result of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) abandoning the cap linking the two currencies together that had been in place since September 2011. At the same time SNB reduced a key interest rate from -0.25% to -0.75%, effectively increasing the amount investors have to pay to hold Swiss deposits with no return on investment.
CHF Banknotes

Google glaze over –
Google announce that they are to stop making the $1500 Google Glass smart glasses and start developing “future versions of Glass”. Google Glass was originally launched in the US in 2013.
Google Glass photo

Ginola for President? –
Former French football international and hair product model David Ginola announces he will run for the presidency of FIFA against Sepp Blatter and Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein but he will need the support of 5 football associations to enter the race. Ginola is being paid £250,000 by betting firm Paddy Power, who deny the campaign was a publicity stunt.
David Ginola Deauville 2014 2David Ginola

Date a Neanderthal –
A science centre in Bristol, England is to host a “Neanderthal speed dating” event and is looking for two actors to improvise “early hominids” and will supply “suitable wigs and fur”. The adult-only Valentine’s evening would give visitors a chance to think about whether they would date “homo neanderthalensis”.

Video of the Day –

Google Glass as it was meant to be.

List of the day –

Top ten Google inventions

10. Driverless cars

The cars have already been able to master driving on American freeways, but Google has since announced that its test cars can handle city streets with pedestrians also.

9. Google Glass

Google Glass is bringing humans closer to technology than ever before. This year, Virgin Atlantic began testing the use of Glass as a means of checking in passengers at the airport.

8. Google Lens

Google is also working on a pair of smart contact lenses. The idea here is to help diabetics track their glucose levels.

7. Home Automation

Google has plans to make a multitude of home items controllable with a smartphone. From light bulbs to stereos to appliances, everything would now be remotely access from the palm of users’ hands.

6. Hoverboard

Google X’s researchers looked hard and long at the potential of making a skateboard that hovers above the ground.

5. Smartwatch

Google is working on a slew of smart wearable technology. Google has announced its plans to bring Android to smartwatches through a new project called Android Wear.

4. Google Fiber

Google Fiber aims to provide Gigabit Internet speeds. This ultra-high speed Internet service will allow us to consume information at a never before seen rate.

3. Test Tube Food

Right now, Google-funded researchers are hard at work trying to grow tasty hamburgers from stem cells. That means we are getting closed to solving the world’s food crisis.

2. Project Loon

Project Loon is Google’s attempt to bring Internet access to the entire world. The goal is to use hot-air balloons to provide Internet access to the two-thirds of the world living without it.

1. Space Elevator

Of all the Google X projects, there is perhaps none more ambitious than an elevator to space.

List from Orzzzz.com

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