February 15th 2013

Huge meteor strikes Russia –
A meteor crashes near Chelabinsk a city in the Urals, Russia injuring around 1,000 people. The meteoroid – estimated to be about 20 metres in diameter – entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of at least a speed of 19 kilometres per second or 42,900 mph, producing a sonic boom. It shattered above the ground, showering Chelyabinsk with debris. It is the largest known natural object to have entered Earth’s atmosphere since the 1908 and the only meteor known to have resulted in casualties.

iMac, iPad and now a Blue Peter Badge –
Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design, is given a special gold Blue Peter badge in a special edition of the children’s programme that has been running on the BBC since 1958.
Blue-Peter-BadgeThe original Blue Peter Badge
Jonathan-IveSir Jonathan Ive

Burglar spooked by giant rabbit –
A burglar fled a family home in the middle of the night in Plymouth, Devon after encountering their giant pet rabbit. The 4.5kg, two-feet long pet called Toby began stamping loudly on the floor apparently panicking the thief who still managed to keep hold of a laptop and iPad.

Samsung look like entering the smart watch battle –
Leaked images appear to show Samsung is working on a smart watch called the ‘Galaxy Altius’ in a bid to compete with Apple who are expected to release an “iWatch” soon. The pictures suggest that the Altius runs a modified version of the Google Android operating system.

Trending –
#метеорит – Rare that Russian text trends on Twitter. This means meteorite.