February 13, 2015

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North Korean issues wide-ranging advice-
North Korea leader Kim Jong-un issues a new set of 310 patriotic slogans including battling rhetoric “Long live the great victory in the war against Japan!” to practical advice “Grow vegetables extensively in greenhouses!”. Some make it sound as if the leader has been watching episodes of Star Trek “Let us model the entire army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism!”

Can you change the oil, a nappy and a light bulb?
Betting company William Hill release a list of 50 things every man should be able to do. They range from the date of his wedding anniversary to how to fix a toilet (easy call a plumber) and what exactly is the offside rule (in soccer). It was produced from a survey of 2,000 adults. Full list below.

Voulez-vous tweet?
An investigation by the Canada’s commissioner of official languages finds that tweets by former Foreign Minister John Baird and Public Security Minister Steven Blaney fell foul of the law because they were mainly in English. Now Canada’s most senior politicians must now tweet in both French and English. Over the course of two months, 181 out of 202 of Mr Baird’s tweets were only in English but about 30% of the Canadian population can speak French, with more than seven million describing it as their mother tongue.

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How to (not) change a lightbulb –

List of the day –

Top 50 things you should know to be a real man
1. His wedding anniversary date
2. Basic DIY
3. How to change a light bulb
4. How to tie up a tie
5. How to read a map
6. His partner’s favourite drink
7. How to iron a shirt
8. How to change a tyre
9. How to wet shave correctly
10. The right amount of aftershave to use
11. How to change a fuse
12. When a woman says “I’m fine” she is not fine
13. How to put up a shelf
14. How to polish his shoes
15. How to give a confident handshake
16. How many inches are in a foot
17. When to accept defeat and apologise
18. Know the offside rule
19. The year England won the World Cup
20. How to do his own laundry
21. How to fix a bike puncture
22. How to jumpstart a car
23. How to parallel park
24. The difference between ale and lager
25. The best way to carve meat
26. His own height
27. How to drive in snow
28. What wires represent earth, live and neutral
29. How to introduce himself
30. His parents’ address
31. What the football scores were at the weekend
32. How to light a BBQ
33. When a woman says “Do what you want” do not do what you want
34. How to change oil
35. What the biggest recent football transfers are
36. How to build a fire
37. Which way is North
38. How to use the contents of the toolbox
39. How to tune in a telly
40. How many miles are left after the petrol light appears
41. How to fix a toilet
42. How to put someone in a recovery position
43. His personal alcohol limits
44. Change a battery on a car
45. How to get a car unstuck
46. The words to the national anthem
47. How to change a nappy
48. How to perform CPR
49. How to put up a tent
50. Who are favourites to win the Premier League

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