May 16, 2015

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Southampton footballer Sadio Mané scores fastest ever Premier League hat-trick in under 3 minutes-
Southampton winger Sadio Mane described the fastest hat-trick in Premier League history as his “best moment in football”. The Senegalese, 23, netted three goals in two minutes and 56 seconds in the 6-1 win against Aston Villa on Saturday. It surpasses Robbie Fowler’s hat-trick of four minutes and 32 seconds for Liverpool against Arsenal on Sunday, 28 August 1994, aged just 19. “In Senegal they will be happy for me. I have many fans there,” said Mane. The winger opened the scoring at St Mary’s in the 13th minute and completed his trio of goals by the 16th minute. [BBC] Mané’s trio are not the fastest ever – see List of the Day
Sadio_ManéSadio Mané

David Lynch rejoins Twin Peaks cult classic revival –
Film Director David Lynch has announced that he will direct the sequel of the cult classic Twin Peaks after a month-long deadlock over budget concerns. The surrealist filmmaker made the announcement on Twitter. The US television network Showtime said last year that the series, based on a small-town murder in Twin Peaks, would return as a limited series in 2016, 25 years after its last airing. Correspondents say that Mr Lynch’s apparent about-turn has been celebrated by diehard fans – and by Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan, – who played FBI Agent Dale Cooper in the original series and is tipped to reprise his role.
Kyle-MacLachlan-tweet © @Kyle_MacLachlan/Twitter

American Pharoah wins Kentucky Derby for Espinoza & Baffert –
Favourite American Pharoah won the Kentucky Derby to give jockey Victor Espinoza back-to-back wins in the race before a record crowd of 170,513.
The Bob Baffert-trained horse had won four times on the trot coming into the ‘Run for the Roses’ at Churchill Downs. American Pharaoh went to the front just past the final turn and finished ahead of Firing Line, trained by Englishman Simon Callaghan. Another Baffert-trained horse, Dortmund, finished third.
Victor Espinoza

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Google self-driving car launched –

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Fastest football (soccer) hat-tricks

Tommy Ross (1 min 30 secs, Ross County v Nairn County, November 28, 1964)
Eduardo Maglioni (1 min 50 secs, Independiente v Gimmasia de la Plata, March 18, 1973)
Jimmy O’Connor (2 mins 13 secs, Shelbourne v Bohemians, November 19, 1967)
James Hayter (2 mins 20 secs, Bournemouth v Wrexham, February 24, 2004)

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June 5, 2015

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Southampton footballers set new world record for longest match –
A new world record for the longest football match has been set at St Mary’s, the home of Southampton FC, after a 102 hour-long charity game. The 36 players, from the Testlands Support Project, a Southampton charity, played on until 00:30 BST on Friday to break the previous record, of 101 hours. The players took turns to take breaks to eat, get physiotherapy and sleep. They began the 11-a-side match at 18:30 on Sunday, scoring over 1,600 goals. The Reds went on to beat the Whites 910-725. [BBC]

Surprising pop star facts revealed by YouTube –
YouTube reveals statistics, usually only visible to those behind the scenes, showing some bizarre trends about the world’s biggest stars. They show that Taylor Swift is twice as popular in Bangkok in Thailand than New York, for example. Or that One Direction are huge in Quezon City, the Philippines, as well as Mexico City. The Artist Insights service was unveiled on Wednesday. Google says it means musicians will be able to see the cities where they have the largest number of fans. The records go back to September 2014 and include original versions of the artist’s videos as well as fan shares and re-uploads. [BBC Newsbeat] See List of the Day

Taylor-Swift Taylor Swift

‘Female Viagra’ to boost women’s libido one step closer –
The development of a pill to boost women’s libido is one step closer after an American panel recommended the approval of the female equivalent of Viagra. A panel of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisers has voted in favour of recommending flibanserin, a daily pill nicknamed the “female Viagra”. The recommendation will be seen as a major coup for campaigners who have fought for women’s sex drives to receive the same level of medical attention as men’s. The decision will now be passed to the FDA itself, which will rule on whether the pill will be officially approved for public use later this year. [Daily Telegraph]

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Trick Meter from Simeon Duncombe on Vimeo.

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Taylor Swift’s YouTube fanbase by country (September 2014 – June 5, 2015) – Data from YouTube Artist Insights


United States
678,418,914 total views

United Kingdom
204,980,705 total views

190,668,351 total views

158,830,256 total views

145,212,778 total views

116,673,111 total views

100,100,885 total views

77,336,118 total views

67,362,320 total views

Republic of Indonesia
66,044,140 total views

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10 Chris Brown Jerry Collins #aqabiology

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