September 3, 2015

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Mel Gibson will not be charged for allegedly pushing female photographer –
Mel Gibson will not face charges for allegedly shoving a female photographer in Sydney. Kristi Miller, the photographer, told police Gibson pushed and verbally abused her, and that she feared he “was going to punch me”. New South Wales police announced on Thursday that they would not charge Gibson over the alleged incident, which Ms Miller said took place outside a cinema on 23 August. “At this stage, based on the evidence gathered, no formal action will be taken,” police said in a statement. [Daily Telegraph]
Mel-GibsonMel Gibson

Teen who wants to throw party hacks parents’ phone and changes ‘no’ to ‘hell yes’ using autocorrect –
It is perhaps a given that children these days know more about technology than their parents. And this was perfectly demonstrated by a young man apparently who got his parents to agree to a party they never wanted in the first place. The teenager, known only as Brendan, knew he wouldn’t get the answer he wanted if he asked in the traditional sense. So, he hacked his parents’ phone and changed the autocorrect settings from “no” to “HELL YES”. He asked his parents in a group conversation, which was then posted on imgur: “Hey guys can I throw a party tmrw night. [sic]” His mother tried to say no. However, her phone said “HELL YES”. It is unclear if Brendan threw his party, or got grounded, but his parents will probably keep a closer eye on thier phones from now on. [Daily Telegraph]
Added a shortcut to parents phone everytime they type-Noimgur – Added a shortcut to parents phone everytime they type “No”

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