February 6, 2010

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UN to discuss Air Traffic Control for outer space –
An international air traffic control for outer space should be set up to prevent damage to satellites and spacecraft orbiting the Earth, according to proposal to be discussed at the United Nations next week. There are thought to be more than 19,000 pieces of debris larger than 4 inches across racing around the Earth at high speeds, while there are more than 500,000 bigger than a postage stamp. The number of particles smaller than this are thought to exceed tens of millions. Despite their relatively small size, most are travelling faster than 15,600mph and at these speeds a fleck of paint could do as much damage as a .22-calibre rifle bullet. [Daily Telegraph]

Treo the dog awarded animal VC –
A heroic military dog is to be honoured with the animal version of the Victoria Cross. Treo, an eight-year-old black Labrador, saved countless lives in Afghanistan last year by locating hidden roadside bombs. The search dog twice saved soldiers and civilians from catastrophe while out on patrol in Helmand province by sniffing out explosives which had been wired together in a daisy chain and hidden in the path. The medal was created by leading veterinary charity the PDSA and is recognised as the highest award an animal can receive for conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty while serving in military conflict. (See List of the Day for human honours) [Daily Telegraph]

Cat owners ‘more educated than dog owners’ –
Cats have long been thought to be cleverer than dogs – and now it seems the same is true of their owners. People with cats are more likely to have university degrees than those with dogs, according to a scientific survey of pet ownership. The study also revealed that the combined cat and dog population of Britain is more than 20.8 million – 50 per cent higher than previously thought. Researchers at the University of Bristol say that the superior intelligence of cat owners is unlikely to be caused by their exposure to the famously cunning and selfish pets. Rather, more educated people tend to work longer hours and choose a pet to fit their lifestyles. Unlike dogs, cats require no walking and can manage with little human company.[Daily Telegraph]

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flight patterns from Charlie McCarthy on Vimeo.

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List of highest military honours throughout the world – [List from Wikipedia]

Country Image Name Date first awarded Number awarded Notes
Argentina Cruz "La Nación Argentina al Heróico Valor en Combate".jpg Cross to the Heroic Valour in Combat 18 Last awarded in 1982
Australia Victoria Cross Medal Ribbon & Bar.jpg The Victoria Cross for Australia 16 January 2009 3 Replaced The Victoria Cross
Bangladesh Bir Sreshtho Medal.png Bir Sreshtho 15 December 1973 7
Canada Victoria Cross of Canada.jpg The Victoria Cross of Canada 2 February 1993 0 Date established.
Replaced The Victoria Cross
China Heroes Medal 1.jpgHeroes Medal 2.jpg The Hero’s Medal April 1951
Denmark Det Tapperhedskors Danmark.png The Valour Cross 18 November 2011 1
Estonia Vrijheidskruis III 3 Estland Civiel.jpg The Cross of Liberty 24 February 1919 3,156 None has been awarded since 1925
France Chevalier légion d'honneur 2.png The Legion of Honour 15 July 1804
India Param veer chakra.gif Param Vir Chakra 3 November 1947 21
Israel MedalofValor.jpg The Medal of Valor 19 January 1948 40 Replacement for the Hero of Israel.
None has been awarded since 1975.
Italy Medaglia d'oro al valor militare.svg Gold Medal of Military Valour 21 May 1793
Luxembourg Luxembourg Militay Medal obv.jpg Military Medal 3 August 1945
Netherlands Militaire Willemsorde Ridder vierde klasse.jpg Military William Order 30 April 1815 5,875
New Zealand Victoria Cross Medal Ribbon & Bar.jpg The Victoria Cross for New Zealand 26 July 2007 1 Replaced The Victoria Cross.
Norway Krigskorset.jpg The War Cross with Sword 28 November 1941 285 A new sword is awarded each time a person, who already has the War Cross, distinguishes him- or herself in battle.[6]
Pakistan Nishan-i-Haider-PAK.jpg Hilal-e-kashmir.jpg Nishan-e-Haider (Left) Hilal-e-Kashmir (Right) 16 March 1957 11 On 30 November 1995, the Government of Pakistan initiated the gazette notification to declare its Hilal-e-Kashmir equivalent to Nishan-e-Haider.All awards have been made posthumously.
Russia Hero of the Russian Federation obverse.jpg The Gold Star
Spain LaureadaSanFernando.jpg Laureate Cross of Saint Ferdinand
United Kingdom Victoria Cross Medal Ribbon & Bar.png The Victoria Cross 26 June 1857 1357
United States Medalsofhonor2.jpg The Medal of Honor 26 March 1863 3468
Different types from each of the branches of the US military.In the image, from left to right: The Army, the Coast Guard/Navy/Marine Corps, and the Air Force.
Zimbabwe The Gold Cross of Zimbabwe 3 Replaced the Grand Cross of Valour

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