August 7, 2015

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George Cole, Arthur Daley in Minder, dies at 90 –
Stars of stage and screen have been paying tribute to “immaculate” and “unforgettable” Minder actor George Cole following his death at the age of 90. Cole, whose showbusiness career spanned 70 years, is best remembered for his portrayal of small-time wheeler dealer and crook Arthur Daley in the TV show Minder, alongside his likeable bodyguard Terry McCann, played by Waterman. He died yesterday in hospital with his family at his side after a short illness, it was announced today. [Daily Telegraph]

One Direction number one breaks streaming records –
One Direction have topped the UK singles chart with their new single Drag Me Down. The track broke streaming records, earning the highest first-week streams for a single in the UK with 2.03m plays. Drag Me Down is One Direction’s first single as a foursome since the departure of Zayn Malik. Its release came a surprise to fans who had not been expecting a new single. [BBC Newsbeat]
One_Direction_2013 One Direction in 2013 before Zayn left

North Korea sets up own time zone in rebuke to ‘wicked Japanese imperialists’ –
The hermetic communist state of North Korea is often said to be locked in a Stalinist time warp. But it is now turning the clocks back – by 30 minutes a day – by official decree. The state news agency has announced the creation of a new Pyongyang time zone as a rejection of the legacy of “wicked Japanese imperialists”. North Korea will step back in time by half an hour on Aug 15th – the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Korean peninsula from Japanese rule at the end of the Second World War. [Daily Telegraph]

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Uber meets Tinder

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2 Spice Girls #TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs Spice Girls
3 #GOPDebate #InternationalBeerDay #FridayFeeling
4 Aldon Smith #DragMeDownMusicVideo #InternationalBeerDay
5 NASA Aldon Smith #GOPDebate
6 #JonVoyage #MyMotherAlwaysToldMe Jenson Button
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8 #BuenViernes #ReligiousUpaMovie #DragMeDownMusicVideo
9 #LaVidaEsAburridaSin James Holmes Cassper
10 Hayırlı Cumalar #CameronDallasPhotoShoot Jonathan King

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August 8, 2015

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Ashes 2015: England hammer Australia to regain the urn –
England regained the Ashes after wrapping up a spectacular victory over Australia on the third morning of the fourth Test at Trent Bridge. The hosts took Australia’s three remaining second-innings wickets in 39 minutes to win by an innings and 78 runs. Ben Stokes took the day’s first wicket to finish with 6-36 before Mark Wood clinched the victory by bowling Josh Hazlewood and Nathan Lyon. England’s second successive three-day triumph gives them an unassailable 3-1 lead in the series with one match to play. After skittling Australia for 60 runs on day one, England made 391-9 declared before reducing the tourists to 241-7 at the end of day two. [BBC]

Twitter launches football ‘hashflags’ for start of new Premier League season –
Twitter has launched a new set of hashflags to coincide with the start of the new Premier League season. Tweeting the club’s hashtag will bring up that team’s crest and putting them together will bring up both images next to each other. So Liverpool is #LFC and Everton is #EFC but #EFCLFC will bring up hashflags for the Merseyside derby. Putting #BPL and #BPLKickoff in your tweet will put the Premier League trophy next to it. #FPL brings up the league’s logo. The new hashflags are available on the opening weekend of the season (until midnight on Monday) as well as key points through the year, such as transfer deadline day and the final run-in. Oh – and Twitter’s now calling hashflags Twitter emojis BTW. [BBC Newsbeat] See List of the Day below

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Premier League hashflags

Bournemouth – #AFCB

Arsenal – #Arsenal

Aston Villa – #AVFC

Chelsea – #CFC

Tottenham – #COYS

Crystal Palace – #CPFC

Everton – #EFC

Leicester City – #LCFC

Liverpool – #LFC

Manchester City – #MCFC

Manchester United – #MUFC

Norwich City – #NCFC

Newcastle United- #NUFC

Southampton – #SaintsFC

Stoke City – #SCFC

Sunderland – #SAFC

Swansea – #Swans

Watford – #WatfordFC

West Brom – #WBA

West Ham – #WHUFC

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1 #En3PalabrasTeDigoQue #InternationalCatDay #InternationalCatDay
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3 好きCP告白 Sean Price #MakeAHorrorMovieHarmless
4 #ImposibleOlvidar #HappyBirthdayShawn #thankyouforexisting
5 #AlDubWeBelongTogether Erick Erickson Chantel
6 #HappyBirthdayShawn High By The Beach #COYS
7 High By The Beach Ar Ab James Holmes
8 #CBLOL Roger Stone Courtois
10 Chantel #thankyouforexisting #ChristianTaylor

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August 9, 2015

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Australia proposes limiting Vegemite sales to prevent alcohol abuse –
Australia’s government says Vegemite sales should be limited in some communities to prevent the yeast-based spread being used to make home-made alcohol. Nigel Scullion, the indigenous affairs minister, said the spread – which is considered something of a national culinary staple – was a “precursor to misery” in communities suffering from alcohol abuse. He said he was not proposing a ban but wanted to restrict excessive sales of high-yeast products such as Vegemite in “dry” communities – typically remote Aboriginal townships where alcohol sales are banned. Vegemite, from the same family of spreads as Marmite, has been produced in Australia since 1923 and its advertising jingles have sometimes been said to be more widely known than the national anthem. [Daily Telegraph]

A woman’s bra wire saves her from bullet in German hunting accident –
A woman’s bra wire has saved her life after a bullet hit her during a hunting accident in north-eastern Germany. The tourist was cycling through woods with her husband in the Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania area of the country. According to newspaper the Gadebusch-Rehnaer Zeitung, the pair had inadvertently strayed into the middle of a boar hunt while crossing a field. The woman said she felt a pain in her chest, which turned out to be a bullet ricocheting off her bra underwire. She was taken to a doctor in nearby Gadebusch by a passing motorist and treated for severe bruising on her chest plus a small blood clot. The gun and ammunition from the hunt were also impounded and police with sniffer dogs and metal detectors searched the area. [BBC Newsbeat]

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3 #Elecciones2015 Frank Gifford #WomensDay
4 #احلي_مافي_الس�… #IWillGoToHellBecause #OTRABaltimore
5 #QuieroAhoraMismo Lizzie McGuire Stoke
6 #OTRABaltimore #MikeBrown #MOTD
7 #ConRockTeDigoQue #DietAMovie Clause IV
8 Pais Arsenal Arsenal
9 Harry Louis #1MonthSinceOTRASanDiego Coutinho
10 Tini NUESTRO MUNDO Stoessel Magcon Charlie Adam

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